Freshly Added Netflix TV & Movies, March 2017

Prepare The Popcorn Bowl If you’re anything like us, you’re itching to get your “Netflix and chill” on with all the new March additions. And additions there definitely are! The lineup includes some beloved movies, interesting documentaries, and addicting TV shows. Among the freshly added additions are new seasons of the Netflix original shows Love and […]

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Top 11 Sci Fi/Fantasy - Stranger Things

Top 11 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Shows on Netflix

It used to be difficult to follow a fantasy or science-fiction show. Except for anthology-style shows, missing even one episode would leave viewers lost in terms of plot. Luckily, we live in an age where we can stream nearly any show we want on demand. Thanks to Netflix, stories that would have taken years of […]

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Top 11 Sci Fi/Fantasy - Firefly

Welcome to SaveMySeries

Welcome to SaveMySeries! Wondering what exactly the site is about? Well, we’ve put together a listing of Classic TV shows that were cut short way too early. Each TV show listing has its own membership and group forum chat for you to discuss ways to help bring your favorite tv show back. We realize it […]

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