Top 30 - Dollhouse

Top 30 Television Shows that Shouldn’t Have Been Canceled

30. UndeclaredTop 30 - Undeclared



Existing as the epitome of being a Freshman, Judd Apatow’s Undeclared followed brand new college students and their struggle to adapt to their new surroundings. The rules of academic, social, and romantic life have completely changed, and each character learns each lesson the hard way.


29. First WaveTop 30 - First Wave



After being framed for his wife’s death, a man discovers the lost book of prophecies by Nostradamus and uses it to expose a vast alien plot set out to conquer Earth. Cade Foster must use his cunning and smarts to out wit the First Wave.


28. DominionTop 30 - Dominion



Loosely following the groundwork laid by the 2010 film, Legion, Dominion focuses on a reality where Gabriel and other angels fight humanity in God’s absence. Twenty-five years after the war’s start, the Archangel Michael joins with humanity in the city of Vega to resist Gabriel’s forces.


27. Agent CarterTop 30 - Agent Carter



Agent Carter was one of the television shows that spun off from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this show, Agent Peggy Carter, from the first Captain America film, continues her work for the SSR. Set in 1946, her job keeps her working with Howard Stark.


26. The TickTop 30 - The Tick



The Tick brought humor and superheroes to prime time years before they were resurrected on the silver screen. Splitting from the comic and Saturday morning cartoon show, The Tick followed the exploits of the titular character on his sidekick, The Moth, as they hilariously struggled to against evil.

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